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Rhythm LED Light Bar

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Amp up your senses and stimulate your listening enjoyment to a whole new level with Rhythm 


✅ Visually enhance your music and create the atmosphere you want.

✅ Reduce stress and increase mental acuity.

Built-in highly sensitive microphone activates Rhythm by voice or by any speaker such as phones, radios or TV's. 

✅ Great for in the car, holidays, birthdays, parties, gatherings, stages/DJ events, gaming, watching TV and as a desktop/table decoration.

✅ Built with LED lighting so they will never overheat or be hot to the touch.

✅ Variety of white or black plastic, silver or black metallic with options of plug in or rechargeable power.

✅ Control each light bar either by push buttons or with an app (metallic versions only).

✅ 32 colorful lamp beads with 8 display modes, 4 levels of brightness, 5 speeds and 18 color modes.

✅ With the exclusive intelligent de-noising algorithm, Rhythm  can be used anywhere including noisy environments.


Each package includes:

  • 1x Rhythm Light
  • 1x Plastic base
  • 4x Transparent double-sided tape
  • 1x Micro-USB power cord
  • 1X manual

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