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Multifunctional Logger Head Bionic Grip Wrench

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Find it hard to choose the proper wrench? Always have to bring different wrenches of different sizes? The wrench is vulnerable to damage? Our Multifunctional LoggerHead Bionic Grip Wrench is here to solve all your problems. It combines 14 wrenches into one, ensuring you always get the job done perfectly.

  • Instantly Adjustable- can cover 14 sizes
  • Easy to Use-will not strip nuts and bolts; increase your hand's gripping power on the nuts/bolts/pipe or tubing
  • Durable and Convenient-Hardened steel laminate makes it strong and easier to use


  • Size: 8 inch/20.32cm
  • Type: Open-ended Adjustable Wrench & Close-ended Adjustable Wrench

Package Includes:

1 x Multifunctional LoggerHead Bionic Grip Wrench

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