About Us

Founded in 2018, zollyee's four founding partners are all millennials. zollyee is young, and so is the company team, which is passionate because it is young and has endless possibilities because it is young.

zollyee's original aim was to bring together the freshest, most useful, convenient and stylish good things in this place. To make people's lives easier with good things. We have been developing our company for almost four years and this philosophy has not changed. We spare no effort in finding, developing and designing good gadgets.

Over the years, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of parcels to customers all over the world. And we have received high praise from our customers. These praises and recognitions are our motivation to continue to do our best!

Come and have a look at the goodies on the website, you are sure to pick a product you like. Be sure we will bring you happy surprises!